Market Definition

Many companies struggle due to having a market that has been loosely defined either too widely or narrowly.

Some bad examples include: utilizes the best practices to help you identify and create the ideal market. We do this by looking at existing information in order to isolate the best segments for you to target. We also increase the accuracy of your lists through cleaning. The outcome is a database that is highly targeted and will increase the effectiveness and costs of your marketing and sales processes.

Strike Leads Best Processes for Prospect Development

01 Define the Market

Determine the largest and most targeted market and create a single database of decision makers that are ready to be marketed to.

02 List Enhancement

Ongoing contract management that is designed to increase sales.

03Segmentation by Market

Isolate those markets that will perform well as predicted and allocate resources towards acquisitions from these markets.

04Lead Nurturing

Identify those leads that are long-term prospects and nurture them until they are ready to make a purchase.

05Distribution of Opportunities

Determine which opportunities should be distributed to resources depending on the value of the opportunity. Assistance with integrating leads into CRM systems.

06Results Measurement

Look at results from high-value opportunities to determine how to optimize the campaign.