Long Term Care Lead

Long Term Care Lead
First Name Daniel Cell Phone 234-567-8929
Last Name Lewis Best Time to Call 11AM EST
Address 789 Main Street Austin Height 5'7"
Current Weight 154lbs.
State Texas Gender Male
Zip Code 78704 Birth Date 05/23/1958
Email Address dlewis@gmail.com Age 53
Home Phone 234-456-7891 Marital Status Divorced
Work Phone None
Body Mass Index 31.112 Policy Expires Anthem
Smoking Yes Medications Individual
Currently Insured Anthem Health Conditions None
Isurance Type Hospitalized in the past 5 years Anthem
Current Provider Yes Treated by Physician in the past 12 months Individual
Covered for Anthem

What is Long Term Care?

Long Term Care by itself is a well diverse service. This service covers both medical and non-medical needs of people suffering from chronic diseases and/or disability who are having difficulties of taking care of themselves for lengthy periods of time; it can be provided formally or casually. Normally facilities that offer formal Long Term Care services usually provide living accommodation for people with immediate or 24/7 medical attention. They may be nursing homes, residential remedial care facility, etc.

Why Is It Important To Get A Good Long Term Care Lead?

Long Term Care Insurance is considered as one of the fastest rising variable in the industry. Strike Leads understands that looking for clients in the market can be a bit challenging, especially with large or independent agencies.

And of course it is a well-known fact that there are lots of mediums and agencies that offers leads. However, not all providers serve credible or reliable leads. It is very vital that in insurance industry that you have you get the best leads possible in order for you to get your business run on its proper path as well as give these unfortunate clients the care that they need.

Why Should You Work With Strike Leads As Your Long Term Care Leads Provider

Go With Strike Leads as Your Partner for Success Strike Leads offers in-depth long term care insurance leads. Through the help of our team of leads matter experts and our ever reliable leads, our clients and partners have the ability to get high conversion rates, substantial return-on-investments (ROI) as compared to our other competitors, and other alternative sources there is.