Loan Modification Leads

With over two million homeowners expected to fall into foreclosure within the next year, the loan modification industry is booming! Power your business with our high close rate Loan Modification Leads. Strike Leads offers a lead development service that is designed to help convert inquiries and individuals that are highly targeted into leads that are qualified for the sales process. Leads are made up of real people that need real help avoiding foreclosure. Get our Loan Modification Leads to start growing your business today!

Debt Settlement Leads

Strike Leads is the best solution for companies that have databases that are full of individuals that have responded to marketing initiatives demonstrating that they have an interest in the services being offered by that company. These individuals have typically opted into the campaigns by making visit’s to the company’s targeted landing pages, registering and attending specific company events, downloading case studies and white papers and other forms of marketing.

Student Loan Leads

Strike Leads offers a lead development service that is intended to assist clients by allowing them to take advantage of the power of these leads while also ensuring that the sales team’s resources are being used effectively. Strike Leads can help you turn leads into qualified prospects by not requiring sales in order to isolate suspects, developing a response that is effective, and developing targeted suspects.

Mortgage leads

The lead process involves segmentation of lists using advanced techniques, in-depth testing and full results tracking so that clients can earn the best possible ROI from the campaign and the intelligence data needed to design future lead generation campaigns.

Tax Leads

Get connected today with people with income tax debt that are looking for tax relief. As the economic downturn worsens, the IRS expects to see an increase in delinquencies. Now is the time to grow your business with our high quality Tax Leads and help hardworking Americans regain their financial stability by settling their past due tax debt.