Online Marketing - Advanced Program



  • 100% QA Verified Leads
  • Minimum of 100 Leads a Month.
  • Free Call Tracking & CRM System (optional).
  • High Conversion Rate.
  • Full Contact Details (refer to Lead Samples).
  • Leads e-mailed/posted directly to you without delays.
  • No Lead Sharing-Exclusive For You.
  • No Contracts or Commitment.

What are the features that come with the Closer Program? ($5995 / month)?

  • Minimum of 100 Leads a Month- we will provide you with at least 100 high quality leads per month.
  • Free Call Tracking & CRM System (optional)- we give you the option of getting your business a free call tracking or CRM system which enables your business to keep a detailed list of your clients detail.
  • High Conversion Rate- all the leads that we provide you are sure catch since they have been screened and are custom fit to your business specifications.
  • Full Contact Details (refer to Lead Samples)- all quality leads that we provide have included all the necessary information from demographics to their contact details.
  • Leads emailed/posted directly to you without delays- once we got you a lead that matched your needs we will immediately send it to you the soonest possible time.
  • No Lead Sharing-Exclusive For You –all the leads that we provide are exclusively for you and you have a 100% guarantee that we do not duplicate leads and that they are personalized to your needs.
  • No Contracts or Commitment- you are free from any contracts, giving you a flexible and hassle free environment with our lead generation process.